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Franklin County Coroner's Office 

Dr. Jan M. Gorniak 
520 King Ave. 
Columbus, Ohio 43201-2632 
(614) 525-5290 Fax (614) 525-6002 


FRANKLIN COUNTY Case No : LAB- 1 3 -2248 

Be it remembered, that on the 3rd day of September, 2013 information was given to me, Jan M. Gorniak D.O., 
Coroner of said County, that the dead body of a man supposed to have come to his death as the result of criminal or other 
violent means, or by casualty, or by suicide, or suddenly when in apparent good health, or in any suspicious or unusual 
manner, (Sec! 313-11, 313-12 R.C. Ohio) had been found at The Ohio State University Medical Center, 410 West 10th 
Avenue in Columbus of Franklin County, on the 3rd day of September, 2013. Jan M. Gorniak D.O. carefully examined 
the said dead body at 0345 hours on the 4th day of September, 2013 and I find as follows: to wit: 

I, Jan M. Gorniak D.O., Coroner of said County, having diligently inquired, do true presentment make in what manner 
Ariei Castro, whose body was at the Coroner's Office on the 4th day of September, 2013 came to his death. The said 
Ariel Castro was never married, 53 years of age, a resident of Cleveland, OH, was of the white race, and had brown eyes, 
brown-gray hair, beard and moustache and was 67 inches in length, and weighed 168 pounds. 

Upon full inquiry based on all the known facts, I find that the said Ariel Castro came to his death officially on the 3rd 
day of September, 2013 at The Ohio State University Medical Center, 410 West 10th Avenue, Columbus, Franklin 
County, OH and was officially pronounced dead at 2252 hours by Dr. Eric Adkins. There is information that on 
September 3, 2013, Mr. Castro was found unresponsive, by corrections officers, hanging in his jail cell at Correctional 
Reception Center, 1 1271 St Rt 762, Orient OH. It was reported that cardiopulmonary resuscitation was conducted by 
corrections medical staff. Med Care emergency medical services responded and transported him to the aforementioned 
hospital emergency department. The Coroner's office was notified and investigator Amanda Alvarez responded to the 
scene. Trax Management was dispatched. This man was then transported to the Coroner's office where an autopsy was 
performed. The death in this case was the end result of hanging and was suicidal in nature. 

Cause of Death: Hanging 

Other Condition(s): 

Manner of Death: Suicide 


Jan M. Gorniak D.O. 

Franklin County Coroner 

Franklin County Coroner's Office 

Dr. Jan M. Gorniak 
520 King Ave. 
Columbus, Ohio 43201-2632 
(614) 525-5290 Fax (614) 525-6002 

Coroner's Report: Finding of Facts and Verdict 

In compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 313, the Coroner's Report and Findings of Fact and Verdict are supplied. 

Case No: LAB- 13-2248 

Last name First 

Castro, Ariel 


Date of Death 


Time of Death 

2252 hrs 

Pronounced By 

Dr. Eric Adkins 

Decedent's Address (Number and Street) 

2207 Seymour Avenue 






Date of Birth 


53 years 









Hair Color 


Eye Color 

Facility or Address of Death 

The Ohio State University Medical Center, 410 West 10th Avenue 

Place of Death 







Next of Kin 

Anthony Castro 





Next of Kin Address 
P.O. Box 21601 







Funeral Home 

Ohio Cremation Society 



This is to certify that this is a true 

and exact copy of the original document 


Case Number 

Page 2 

Castro, Ariel 



Immediate Cause 


Other Significant Conditions 



Date Examined 

Time Examined 




0345 hrs 

Name, Title and Address of Person Who Completed Cause of Death 

Jan M. Gorniak D.O. 520 King Avenue Columbus, OH 43201 

Investigating Agency 


Ohio State Highway Patrol - Ashville 


Date of Injury 

Time of Injury 

Place of Injury 

Injury at Work? 




How Injury Occured 


Injury Address (Street, City, State, Zip) 

Correctional Reception Center, 1 1271 St Rt 762, Orient OH 

Franklin County Coroner's Office 

Dr. Jan M. Gorniak 
520 King Ave. 
Columbus, Ohio 43201-2632 
(614) 525-5290 Fax (614) 525-6002 

Autopsy Report 

Case Number: 

LAB- 13-2248 

Name, gender, age: 
Date and time pronounced: 
Date and time of autopsy: 
Examination performed by: 

Ariel Castro, Male, 53 years 
September 3, 2013 @ 2252 hours 
September 4, 2013 @ 0345 hours 
Jan Gorniak, D.O., Forensic Pathologist 


1) Hanging ■ 

a) Abrasions of the chin and left neck 

2) Coronary artery atherosclerosis, mild 

3) Probable cortical adenoma, left adrenal gland 

4) Therapeutic intervention 

a) Oral endotracheal tube 

b) Cervical collar 

c) Intravenous line 

Cause of death: Hanging 

Manner of death: Suicide 

An autopsy is performed upon the deceased body later identified as Ariel Castro at the Franklin County Morgue 
on September 4, 2013. The autopsy is performed by Jan Marie Gorniak, D.O., and begins at approximately 0345 


The body is that of a well developed, well nourished white male, compatible with the reported age of 53 years. 
The body measures 67 inches in length and weighs 168 pounds. Rigor mortis is mild. Lividity is posterior. The 
body temperature is retained. 

The scalp is covered with average length, brown-gray hair with bitemporal and vertex balding. The face is 
unshaven with a brown-gray beard and moustache. The conjunctivae are pale, the corneas are clear, and the irides 
are brown. There is no icterus. The pupils are round, equal, and symmetrical. The right earlobe has a single 


Autopsy LAB- 13-2248 

Ariel Castro 

pierced hole, otherwise the ears are unremarkable. The nares are patent and the lips are atraumatic. The nose and 
maxillae are palpably stable. The teeth are natural and in good repair. 

The neck is straight and the trachea is midline. The chest is symmetrical. A 1 x 3/4 inch cross is noted in blue ink 
on the left chest. The abdomen is flat. The distribution of the pubic hair is normal. The external genitalia are not 
remarkable, and there are no external lesions. The testes are descended. The back, buttocks, and anus are 

The upper and lower extremities appear normal, and the joints are not deformed. All digits are present. The skin 
is of normal texture and presents no significant lesions. Patterned depressions are noted involving the wrists, 
consistent with handcuffs. An area of multiple hyperpigmented flat lesions, 6 1/2x5 inches, are noted on the right 
posterior medial lower leg. 


1 . 5-1/4 x 1-1/4 inch black design left lateral upper mid arm. 

1. 1x3/4 inch circular, well-healed scar left lateral upper arm. 


1 . Oral endotracheal tube. 

2. Cervical collar. 

3. Intravenous line, left antecubital fossa. 


a. 1 inch x 1/2 inch abrasion is noted involving the inferior chin. It is located 10-1/2 inches from the top of the 
head. A 2 x 1 inch abrasion is noted involving the left anterior-lateral neck. It is located 9-1/2 inches from the 
top of the head. The hyoid bone is intact. The larynx, prevertebral fascia, cervical vertebrae, and soft tissues are 
unremarkable. Probable bite marks are noted on the bilateral anterior-lateral aspects and right posterior aspect of 
the tongue. 

b. 1/2 x 3/8 inch red-abrasion, bridge of nose. 

These injuries, having been described once, will not be repeated. 

INTERNAL EXAMINATION: The body is opened by means of the usual "Y" and biparietal incisions. The 
normal relationships among trachea, lungs and mediastinum are preserved. The lungs are normally expanded; the 
parietal pleural surfaces are smooth, glistening, transparent, and without adhesions. The diaphragm is within 
normal limits. The thickness of the abdominal wall fat is a maximum of 1-3/4 inches. The peritoneum is smooth, 
glistening, transparent, and without adhesions. All viscera are in their proper relationship and no abnormal 
masses are seen or palpated. 

BODY CAVITIES: The ribs, sternum, and vertebral bodies are visibly and palpably intact. No excess fluid is in 
the pleural, pericardial, or peritoneal cavities. 

Heart - 380 grams 
Right lung - 420 grams 
Left lung - 330 grams 
Spleen - 280 grams 
Liver - 1 820 grams 

Autopsy LAB-13-2248 

Ariel Castro 

Right kidney - 130 grams 
Left kidney - 130 grams 
Brain - 1 400 grams 

HEAD AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: The scalp shows no evidence of contusions or galeal 
hemorrhages. The skull is intact. The dura is smooth and glistening. The convexities of the cerebral hemispheres 
are symmetrical. The leptomeninges are thin and transparent. The subarachnoid space does not contain any 
hemorrhage. The cerebrum presents with normal convolutions, with no flattening of the gyri or deepening or 
widening of the sulci. There is no evidence of subfalcial, uncal, or cerebellar tonsillar herniation present. The 
major cerebral arteries show mild atherosclerosis. No congenital anomalies are noted. The roots of the cranial 
nerves are unremarkable. Serial coronal sections through the cerebral hemispheres show a grossly normal cortical 
ribbon and underlying white matter. The basal ganglia and diencephalon show no gross abnormalities. Serial 
cross sections through the brainstem and sagittal sections through the cerebellum fail to show any gross lesions or 
abnormalities. The ventricular system is symmetrical and of normal size and configuration. After removal of the 
brain, the base of the skull does not demonstrate any fractures. 

Serial cross sections through a small portion of the cervical spinal cord show no gross abnormalities. 

NECK: The neck organs are excised en bloc and examined separately. The anterior strap muscles of the neck are 
homogenous and red-brown, without hemorrhage. The thyroid cartilage and hyoid are intact. The larynx is lined 
with intact white mucosa. The thyroid is symmetric and red-brown, without cystic or nodular change. 

RESPIRATORY: The major bronchi have a normal caliber and are free of obstruction. The visceral pleurae are 
smooth, glistening, and transparent. Both lungs have normal lobulations; they are gray-pink and mottled with 
black pigment. On palpation, they are uniformly subcrepitant with no areas of consolidation. The pulmonary 
parenchyma is unremarkable. The pulmonary vascular tree is free of thromboemboli. 

CARDIOVASCULAR: The heart is contained in an unremarkable pericardial sac. The epicardium is smooth and 
glistening. There is a normal amount of epicardial fat and its distribution is normal. The coronary arteries have a 
normal anatomic distribution, and multiple cross sections show no significant nan-owing of lumina and no 
evidence of thrombosis. There is evidence of mild calcific atherosclerosis involving the right coronary and left 
anterior descending arteries. The great vessels enter and leave the heart in a normal manner. The cardiac 
chambers have a normal configuration. The septa are intact, and there are no congenital abnormalities. The 
myocardium is of normal consistency and appearance. The left and right ventricles are 1.0 centimeters and 0.2 
centimeters thick, respectively. The endocardium is smooth and glistening. The heart valves are thin, pliable, and 
delicate, and are free of deformity. Valve dimensions are as follows: tricuspid valve, 12.6 centimeters; pulmonic 
valve, 8.5 centimeters; mitral valve, 1 1.5 centimeters; and aortic valve, 9.1 centimeters. 

The aorta gives rise to three intact and patent arch vessels. Its principal branches are patent throughout. The 
splenic artery is dilated and tortuous. There is evidence of mild calcific atherosclerosis, primarily in the infrarenal 
region. There are no thrombi, areas of erosion, or zones of significant narrowing present. The renal and 
mesenteric vessels are unremarkable. 

The superior and inferior venae cavae and their major tributaries are patent throughout. No significant areas of 
extrinsic or intrinsic stenosis are present. 


Liver: The liver has an intact, smooth capsule and a sharp anterior border. The parenchyma is tan-brown and 
congested with the usual lobular architecture. No mass lesions or other abnormalities are seen. 

Autopsy LAB- 13-2248 

Ariel Castro 

Gallbladder: The gallbladder is of normal size and configuration. The wall is thin and the mucosal surface is 
green and velvety. The gallbladder contains approximately 30 milliliters of green-black bile. No calculi are 
present. The extrahepatic biliary tree is patent. 

RETICULOENDOTHELIAL: The spleen has a smooth, intact, red-purple capsule. The parenchyma is maroon 
and is of normal consistency and appearance. No abnormal lymph nodes are encountered. Bone marrow, where 
exposed by the autopsy procedure, is unremarkable. 


Pancreas: The pancreas is firm and yellow-tan, with the usual lobular architecture. No mass lesions or other 
abnormalities are seen. 

Adrenals: The right and left adrenal glands are symmetric, with bright yellow cortices and gray medullae. A 
well-circumscribed yellow mass, 2.2 x 2.0 x 1 .7 centimeters, is noted involving the left adrenal gland. No areas 
of hemorrhage are identified. 


Kidneys: The renal capsules strip with ease revealing smooth, glistening, pink-red surfaces. The cut surfaces are 
red-tan and congested, with uniformly thick cortices and sharp comedullary junctions. The medullae are 
unremarkable. The pelvo-calyceal systems are normal in appearance. The ureters are normal in course and 

Bladder: The bladder is of normal configuration. The mucosa is intact and free of ulcerations or other lesions. 
The muscular layer of the bladder wall is of normal thickness. It contains approximately 10 milliliters of urine. 

Prostate and seminal vesicles: The prostate is normal in size, with spongy, yellow-tan parenchyma. The seminal 
vesicles are unremarkable. 

Testes: The testes are free of mass lesions, contusions, or other abnormalities. Hydroceles are noted bilaterally. 

The esophagus is patent and lined with smooth, gray-white mucosa. The stomach has a normal configuration. 
The serosa is smooth and glistening. The wall is of normal thickness and the mucosa is thrown into rugal folds. 
There are no areas of ulceration. The stomach contains approximately 40 milliliters of brown, watery fluid with 
partially digested unidentifiable food stuff. The duodenum, loops of small bowel, and colon are unremarkable. 
The appendix is present and is unremarkable. 


The axial and appendicular skeleton shows no abnormalities. The exposed musculature is unremarkable. 


" Documentary photographs are taken. 

" Specimens retained for toxicologic testing: vitreous, blood, urine, gastric contents, liver, brain 


Gross examination of all major organs shows no pathologic alterations. Representative portions of all major 
organs are retained in formalin. These tissues are available for the examination of microscopic slides as a further 
aid to diagnosis, should this become necessary at a future time. At this time, no microscopic slides are prepared. 

Autopsy LAB- 13-2248 

Jan Gorniak, D.O., Coroner 
Forensic Pathologist 

Ariel Castro 


Franklin County Coroner's Office 

Dr. Jan M. Gorniak 
520 King Ave. 
Columbus, Ohio 43201-2632 
(614) 525-5290 Fax (614) 421-7307 

Toxicology Report 
Division of Toxicology 
Calvin McGuire, Chief Toxicologist 

Ariel Castro 

Case# LAJB-13-2248 Date report completed: September 26, 2013 

A comprehensive analysis has been performed and the following agents were detected. 

Postmortem Blood: 

Gray Top Femoral 

Ethanol Not Detected 

No Drugs Detected 




Urea Nitrogen 

14 mg/dL 


1 1 .4 mmol/L 


86 mg/dL 


0.72 mmol/L 


1.6 mmol/L 


143 mmol/L 


6.5 mmol/L 


148 mmol/L 

Postmortem Urine: 


No Drugs Detected 

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Ariel Castro 

Case# LAB- 13-2248 

This report has been validated as accurate and complete by 

S - Sub Theraputic 

XL - Toxic to Lethal 

T - Theraputic 

L - Lethal 

TH - High Therapeutic 

P - Palliative 

X - Toxic 

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Calvin McGuire B.S.